Volcanic Ash Advisory

25 May 2011

THE Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) in London has advised that, depending on the continuing eruption of the Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland and the meteorological conditions, there is a risk that some ash cloud may reach parts of Northern Europe on Tuesday (May 24) and Wednesday (May 25).

The Guardian UK reported that it may even reach Heathrow towards the end of this week.

Eurocontrol told airlines and airports yesterday (May 23) that particles from the volcano could reach Scotland by 01h00 this morning and southern England by Thursday or Friday, depending on wind direction.

Meanwhile, considerable volcanic ashfall was expected widely in the southeast of Iceland and light ashfall in the southeast until yesterday afternoon.

Grimsvötn erupted on May 21, leading to several flight cancellations at Iceland’s Kevlafik International airport. However, by yesterday afternoon some flights were operating.

Please note that this event is classified as a natural disaster and not a covered event.