UK Riots

11 August 2011

The South African Department of International Relations and Cooperations has urged South Africans planning to travel to London to postpone their journey.

On August 9, Scotland Yard said there had been 563 arrests, with 105 people charged with offences ranging from burglary to possessing an offensive weapon. Areas in and around London affected by looting and riots include Bethnal Green, in the East End, Hackney, Clapham in the south and Ealing to the west, Lavender Hill, Camden, Dalston, Shacklewell Lane, Ealing, Islington and Croydon. Meanwhile, rioting and looting has spread to other towns and cities throughout the UK.

However, most parts of London and other major cities have been unaffected by the disturbances, authorities say. But Police advise that people stay off the streets to help officers deal with the looters and rioters, call 999 if they feel under threat or to report an emergency, or call 101 to report crimes that are not of an urgent nature.

Travel disruption is also being reported in some parts of London because of the disturbances.

Are you covered by Oojah Travel Protection?

If you purchased your travel insurance BEFORE the media warning of the strikes, you will be able to cancel your trip and claim for cancellation costs. If you purchased your travel insurance after the warning you will not have any cover related to the above.