Transport Services Throughout Italy

5 September 2011

ON Tuesday, September 6, transport services throughout Italy will be severely disrupted due to a general strike called by the CGIL labour confederation. Air traffic controllers, pilots, flight attendants and ground staff of airports will strike from 10H00 to 18H00 local time and train services will be halted from 09h00 to 17h00. Local transport, including buses, subways and trams and ferries will also be affected by the strike during the day.

The following strikes have also been announced:

  • 10-09-2011: 00h00-24h00 Avio Handling - Verona
  • 10-09-2011: 14h00-18h00Valerio Catullo Spa - Verona
  • 15-09-2011: 10h00-14h00 Meridiana Pilots and Cabin Crew
  • 24-09-2011: 12h00-16h00 SAV Spa Handling Venice

Are you covered?

If you purchased your insurance prior to the media warning, you will have cover under the travel delay benefit. If you have purchased your insurance after the media warning, you will not have any cover due to expected delays.