Healix International is closely monitoring the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa

23 September 2014

Healix International is closely monitoring the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, and will be sending regular updates and advice to our clients as the outbreak continues.

Update, 22 September:

  • Authorities are declaring the three-day lockdown in Sierra Leone a success and that it will not be extended. The head of Sierra Leone's Emergency Operations Centre, Stephen Gaojia, said 130 new cases were confirmed and 39 more are still being tested.
  • Spanish priest, Manuel García Viejo, will repatriate from Sierra Leone to be treated for EVD. He worked at the same hospital as a Spanish priest infected in August. Doctor García Viejo will not be treated with the experimental serum ZMapp due to low stock.
  • Schools in most of Nigeria's 36 states reopen today after an extended summer break in efforts to control the spread of the virus. Schools in Niger, Kebbi, Zamfara, Jigawa, Osun, Rivers and Lagos will continue to postpone the commencement of their school year to ensure required preventative measures are in place until at least the first week of October.

Clinics and Facilities Status in Affected Areas
Healix is in direct communication with those medical facilities that are still operating in the impacted regions. Please contact Healix directly for further information on the readiness of medical facilities in these areas.

Country Travel Advice Status
Sierra Leone:     Warning Level 3 - Healix Recommend "Avoid Non-Essential Travel"
Guinea:              Warning Level 3 - Healix Recommend "Avoid Non-Essential Travel"
Liberia:               Warning Level 3 - Healix Recommend "Avoid Non-Essential Travel"
Nigeria:              Alert Level 2 - Healix Recommend "Practice Enhanced Precautions"
DRC:                  Alert Level 2 - Healix Recommend "Practice Enhanced Precautions"

Other African Nations Unaffected by Ebola
Healix recommend that travelers take usual precautions with vaccinations and travel arrangements but should be familiar with Ebola Precautions if Traveling to Africa.

Ebola Infection Table by Country (based on CDC reporting, updated as of 18 September):

Country               Suspected and Confirmed Case Count     Suspected and Confirmed Case Deaths        Laboratory Confirmed Cases

Sierra Leone                                1673                                               562                                                      1513

Liberia                                         2710                                             1459                                                        812

Guinea                                          942                                               601                                                        750

Nigeria                                           21                                                   8                                                          19

Senegal                                            1                                                   0                                                            1

Spain                                               2                                                   1                                                            0

United States                                    4                                                   0                                                            4

Saudi Arabia                                     0                                                   1                                                            0

United Kingdom                                1                                                    0                                                            0

TOTAL                                        5354                                               2632                                                       3099

*Persons repatriated to these countries from affected countries

Infectious Disease and Pandemic Planning for your organization
Healix offer a free high level review of your current organizational plans in place to deal with pandemic and infectious disease outbreaks.

Please visit the Healix International Ebola site for further information, updates and precautions.