Severe storm halts US flights

27 January 2015

Severe storm halts US flights 

Tue, 27 Jan 2015 

Over 2000 flights within, into or out of the United States have been cancelled due to severe weather conditions, according to live flight tracking site 

Following the cancellation of an SAA direct flight to JFK yesterday, as well as the return flight to South Africa today, Margaret Copeland, Delta Airlines sales manager told eTNW, “Our nonstop flights [to Atlanta are] not affected. These cancellations are due to the bad weather in the NYC area.” 
No comment was available as to whether Atlanta-JFK connections would be delayed.
“Do not travel. If you must travel, have a winter survival kit with you,” the US national weather service said on its website.
The US national weather service has issued blizzard warnings from central New Jersey to the Canadian border.

“Falling and blowing snow with strong winds and poor visibilities will lead to whiteout conditions making travel extremely dangerous,” the website warned.