Yellow Fever - Angola

9 May 2016

The WHO has warned that an outbreak of yellow fever in Angola, in which hundreds have already died, could be "a threat to the entire world".

  • First reported in Angola’s capital Luanda in December, the disease has now spread to 16 of Angola’s 18 provinces.
  • 6 million of Luanda's 7.5 million inhabitants have already been vaccinated in a huge vaccination campaign but the disease continues to spread.
  • Over 2,000 cases have been reported nationally by late April, which have resulted in over 250 deaths. 
  • Cases have also been notified in Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and China.
  • Spread to Asia is considered a nightmare scenario as many Chinese workers return home from Angola.
  • The global emergency stockpile of 6 million vaccines is now exhausted as producers struggle to keep up with demand.

Read a copy of the latest Healix Medical Briefing on Yellow Fever for details on transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and an update on the situation in Angola.