Volcanic Ash Uruguay & Argentina

24 November 2011

FLIGHTS were cancelled this week in Uruguay and Argentina because of volcanic ash from the four-month-long eruption of the Puyehue volcano in Chile, airport authorities said. Laura Vanoli, Uruguay's chief aeronautic meteorologist, said the country was almost entirely covered by an ash cloud.

About a dozen flights were suspended in Uruguay and other flights were delayed, according to the website of Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport. In Buenos Aires, airport authorities reported the cancellation of about 20 domestic and international flights, and said other flights were being delayed because of poor visibility due to the presence of ash over the city.

Since the volcano's eruption on June 4, air travel to and from Uruguay, Argentina and as far away as Australia has been periodically disrupted by ash clouds streaming east out of the Chilean Andes. Chile's National Geology and Mining Service said ashes from Puyehue -- which continues erupting, though at a lower intensity -- could affect air travel for months.

If you purchased travel insurance prior to the volcanic eruption, you would be covered by our travel delay benefit. Policies purchased after the eruption will not provide any cover for claims related to the eruption and subsequent volcanic ash cloud.