24 October 2016


Safety and security. A state of emergency remains in place and has been extended by the Tunisian Government until 19 January 2017.

There is a high threat of terrorism in Tunisia. We continue to receive information that indicates terrorists may be planning attacks in Tunisia. Attacks could take place at any time. Some recent terrorist attacks and plots have targeted foreign tourists. Further terrorist attacks are likely, including in tourist areas. Remain vigilant in public places and follow the instructions of local authorities.

Terrorist groups in the region have grown in capability and intent. Tunisian authorities have responded to the recent terrorist attacks by increasing security across the country, including deployment of armed guards at tourist resorts. Local authorities continue arrests and disruptions of alleged militants involved in planning attacks. But there are limitations on the ability of local authorities to counter the terrorist threat. Some recent attacks were conducted by individuals who were known to authorities and used unsophisticated weapons. The nature of these attacks makes it more difficult for authorities to monitor attack planning and disrupt attacks. Terrorist groups in the region have declared their intention to increase attacks and kidnappings targeting Westerners.

If you choose to travel to Tunisia, maintain a high level of awareness regarding the security environment and monitor developments in the local media that may affect your safety and security. Consider the places known to be terrorist targets. These include government facilities and commercial areas known to be frequented by foreigners such as, but not limited to, Western diplomatic missions, oil facilities, residential areas, hotels, tourist beaches, clubs, restaurants, bars, schools, market places, places of worship, outdoor recreation events and tourist areas. In the event of an attack, leave the affected area immediately if it is safe to do so and follow the instructions of local authorities. Do not remain in an affected area or gather in a group in the aftermath of an attack or if you are evacuated from a building for security reasons (such as a bomb threat).