Uk Weather

28 June 2017

UK weather to delay travel 

Severe weather with possibilities of flash floods is set to cause travel delays across the UK on Wednesday.
Some of the storms could produce flash flooding across greater London and south-eastern England resulting in travel delays during the evening hours of Tuesday and heading in to Wednesday, Accuweather says. 
Batches of rain and thunderstorms will head through Wales and England tomorrow, continuing the threat for flash flooding and localised travel delays. 
William Smook, spokesperson for British Airways, says the airline has not yet been alerted to any possible flight delays but has advised customers to monitor BA’s social media feeds and website for the latest news and flight updates.
A spokesperson for British T.I.P.S. has advised travellers in the UK to avoid travelling by road during heavy rains and floods.

“People who aren’t used to driving in severe wet weather conditions should then rather avoid renting cars and travelling by road. The underground and rail systems are a great way to get around in instances when the weather is bad,” the spokesperson adds.