War in the Mideast (Iran, Syria, Israel)

8 February 2012

With the allocation of gas masks and bomb shelter information to embassies Israel, as well as a marked deterioration in relations over the past several days between countries in the Mideast including Iran, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Palestine, we have decided to issue a war advisory for the entire region.

Emergency instructions are as follows:

  1. If you are a foreign national in the Mideast, or in one of the aforementioned countries, make sure you have your own embassy's contact information on hand at all times. Also make sure you stay in frequent contact so that you can quickly receive and execute evacuation instructions if required.
  2. If you are a non-essential person, or a traveler, it is recommend that you begin to consider making plans to leave the region. Even in countries not mentioned above, there is the threat of being drawn into a conflict in some manner. Remember that once a conflict is underway, the ability to leave will become increasingly difficult and hazardous.
  3. Remember that everyone always thinks that nothing will happen to them in a war time situation... until it does. Things move fast. Keep your eyes open and stay informed. We will continue updating the news as it arrives. We may be changing the alert level up and down as the situation warrants.