Turkish Airlines

30 May 2012

Turkish Airlines' website has reportedly been hit by a cyber attack and has been down since early Tuesday morning, preventing travelers from directly accessing information about flight cancellations and delays.

Turkish Airlines hit by strike, cancels 104 flights May 29, 2012 06:16 PM

ISTANBUL: Turkish Airlines cancelled more than 100 flights on Tuesday after a large part of its workforce downed tools in protest at government plans to outlaw strikes in the aviation sector.

The airline announced that a total of 104 domestic and international flights had been cancelled as a result of what it termed the "illegal" industrial action.

Many other flights faced lengthy delays, according to Turkish television.

The aviation workers' union Hava-Is has been calling for the government to scrap a bill banning strikes.

They are also unhappy at what they regard as a hostile Turkish Airlines management whom they blame for the collapse of a collective bargaining agreement.

Transport Minister Binali Yildirim denounced the strike, saying authorities would "not hesitate to take necessary measures" to bring it to an end.

Turkish Airlines has a fleet of 178 planes and has another 55 on order. It serves 218 destinations worldwide.