Italy Announces April Strikes/Greek Air Traffic Strike Announced

5 April 2011

Italy announces April strikes

VARIOUS strikes have been announced affecting the transport sector in Italy. Transport is one of Italy's most strike-prone sectors and in an effort to regulate strikes in essential public services a strike must be announced ahead of time. The following strikes have been announced for April:

April 4: 00h00-24h00 Meridiana Cabin Crew Union
April 15: 10h00-18h00 Flight Care Handling Rome
April 15: 00h00-24h00 Air Vallée Spa Pilots and Cabin crew

Strikes may be called off at the last minute but travellers are advised to confirm their flights before setting off for the airport.

Greek Air Traffic strike announced

GREEK air traffic controllers will go on strike on April 6, from 09h00-13h00 UTC. Greek airports will be closed during that period but Greek airspace overflights will not be affected. The last ATC strike to take place in Greece was in February.

Oojah Travel Protection will not be able to provide any cover due to cancellations and/or delays following the proposed strike for any policies purchased on/after 5 April 2011 (media warning has been issued).