Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Insurance
– cover for:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Medical quarantine – when you test positive
  • Cost of the test – when you test positive
  • Event cancellation resulting in a cancelled trip
  • Cancel for any reason (when you cancel 48hrs or more before departure date)

Please obtain a QUICK QUOTE and select the COVID19 cover.

Please note Cancellation and Curtailment benefits for COVID19 only apply when you purchase your insurance within 24 hours of paying your first trip deposit.

Important Information relating to the Lockdown / Coronavirus

We are working remotely (from home) to ensure we can continue our service to you, our valued policy holders. We continue to provide cover for emergency medical expenses should you contract the coronavirus on your insured trip. Please ensure you obtain authorisation for treatment as per below guidelines. We continue to provide cover for future trips. Please obtain a quote on our website.

Our contact details:

  1. General enquiries (policy related): Please email or call +27 11 351 4531
  2. Claims enquiries (other than when you require authorisation for treatment):
  3. Submit a claim (before or after your trip): Please click “Submit a claim” and follow the steps.

Authorisation of expenses (whilst on your trip):

  1. Medical Emergency: Accident & emergency department (A&E), emergency room (ER) or casualty department.
    1. You, Your travel companion or someone designated by You must phone +27 11 991 8610 immediately when Your condition has been stabilised in the emergency department.
    2. Treatment related to Covid19 whilst travelling:
      1. You must phone +27 11 991 8610 to ensure we authorise expenses and monitor your case.
    3. Our liability will be limited to R10,000 if You don't call us for authorisation to be admitted as an inpatient. The following conditions are covered whilst you are being treated in the A&E, ER or casualty department:
      1. Anaphylaxis (airway constricted).
      2. Bone fracture.
      3. Burns.
      4. Cardiac Arrest.
      5. Choking / blockage of the airway.
      6. Diving disorders or drowning.
      7. Heat stroke.
      8. Hair tourniquet (where a hair or other thread becomes tied around a toe or finger tightly enough to cut off blood flow).
      9. Heavy bleeding.
      10. Hyperglycemia (diabetic coma) and Hypoglycemia (insulin shock).
      11. Hypothermia, or Exposure
      12. Insect and animal bites and stings.
      13. Joint dislocation.
      14. Poisoning.
      15. Seizures, or a malfunction in the electrical activity in the brain.
      16. Stroke.
      17. Wounds, including lacerations, incisions and abrasions.
      18. Gastrointestinal bleeding, avulsions and Sucking chest wounds.