Frequently Asked Questions


  • Isn't it the case that insurers just take my money and rarely pay out on claims??
    No. We pay out many thousands of rands in travel insurance claims each year!

    No insurance is designed to cover absolutely everything. It's important that you read the policy wording to ensure it is meeting what you need and what you expect.

    Furthermore, you have a 15 day cooling off period, which gives you the opportunity to check the details of our policy.
  • How am I assured of a fair decision when I make a claim?
    We assess travel insurance claims according to your terms and conditions, according to the following criteria:
    • Is there a policy in force that covers the loss?
    • Is the cause of this loss covered in your policy?
    • Has your claim complied with the policy terms and conditions?

    If your claim is refused, you may refer the complaint to the enquiries and complaints manager to review the decision through the internal complaints resolution process. If this does not resolve the matter, you may contact the industry's independent external complaints scheme, the Ombudsman for short-term insurance.
  • How do I contact the claims department?

    After you have returned from your trip: 

    You may download a claim form from our Downloads section, which explains the documents you require.  Please contact us on +12 482 6707, or fax: 0866 43 44 36 should you require assistance.

    Whilst still on your trip, and you require emergency assistance:

    We have appointed Europ Assistance S.A. to manage all assistance and emergencies on our behalf, you may contact them on: +27 11 991 8610 or

  • What happens if I get sick or is involved in an accident whilst overseas?
    Oojah's travel insurance policy entitles you to medical assistance and cover for the costs of treatment as detailed in the policy wording. When you buy a policy, you're provided with a policy number and an assistance number that you can phone from anywhere around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact Europ Assistance immediately if you have a medical problem whilst overseas (011) 991 8610. We have to pre-authorise all expenses incurred in excess of R5,000.
  • How do I submit a travel insurance claim?
    All claims over R5,000 has to be authorised by us prior to you incurring the expense, by calling +27 11 991 8610. After your return home, you may download a claim form (refer to our Downloads section), and submit a completed claim form with the required documentation to our claims department: