Product Benefits

  1. Medical & Repatriation
    • Medical expenses for the immediate treatment of an unforeseen medical emergency. Included are Medical Practitioner's fees, hospital expenses, in-patient and out-patient medical treatment and charges for medical transportation.
    • Repatriation: Additional travelling costs to repatriate You Home following inpatient treatment due to an unexpected illness or injury.
    • Burial or cremation or alternatively transportation costs of returning Home an Insured Person's body or ashes.
  2. Emergency Dental
    • Treatment for the immediate relief of pain or discomfort, and/or emergency repairs to dentures and orthodontic appliances carried out solely to alleviate distress in eating.
  3. Additional accommodation & travel expenses
    • Accompanying travel companion: one person to stay with You and accompany You on the Trip Home due to your repatriation.
    • Visit by any one person: One person required, on medical advice, to fly out to You, following Your hospitalisation as an inpatient for more than 5 days.
    • Repatriation of children: If You are incapacitated and there is no other responsible adult to supervise them. A competent person will be provided to accompany the children Home.
  4. Pre-existing medical expenses
    • If You suffer from a Pre-existing Medical Condition and We have accepted the condition(s) for insurance in writing prior to departure, We will cover your inpatient medical expenses/repatriation.
  5. Winter Sports
    • Ice-skating (outdoor)
    • Snowboarding (on-piste/glacier and on recognised and authorised areas only: green, blue and red slopes only)
    • Skiing (on-piste/glacier and on recognised and authorised areas only: green, blue and red slopes only)
    • Tobogganing
    • Skidoo, as part of an organised excursion
  6. Adventure Sports
    • Click here to download a list of approved Adventure Sports activities
    • What is not covered:
      • Participation as a professional sportsperson receiving payment for each appearance (other than sponsorship only);
      • Any sport not listed in the Adventure Sports table;
      • Any sport or activity specifically shown as excluded under this policy;
      • Participation in organised competitions involving any Adventure Sports and Activities;
      • Any obligation upon Us to organise any search and rescue operation;
  7. Can't Travel

    Non-refundable deposits for pre-paid travel and accommodation You do not use because of Your inability to start Your Trip or complete the Trip due to the following reasons:

    • Cancel for Named Reasons
      • Unforeseen illness, injury or death of You, Your Travel Companion or a Close Relative.
      • If You are made redundant.
      • Accidental damage, burglary, flooding or fire affecting Your Home.
      • Your compulsory quarantine.
      • A terrorist incident in a city listed on Your pre-paid Trip itinerary within 14 days prior to Your scheduled departure date.
    • Cancel for Any Reason

    Up to 50% for non-refundable deposits for pre-paid travel and accommodation You do not use when you need to cancel your Trip due to a reason that is not listed under "Cancel for Named Reason" above.

    • Travel Supplier Financial Default

    100% of non-refundable deposits for pre-paid travel and accommodation You have lost, following the complete suspension of operations of the SA registered airline, cruise shi or car rental company due to financial insolvency.  EXCLUDES cover for South African Airways.

  8. Travel Delay
    • Accommodation and meal expenses if the departure of Your flight is delayed as a direct result of Strike, Industrial Action, adverse weather conditions, failure of air traffic control systems, or mechanical breakdown of aircraft, sea vessel, coach or train for more than 24 hours.
  9. Missed Connection
    • Travel and accommodation expenses incurred to reach Your booked destination by the most direct alternative route and/or flight, if Your Trip is interrupted by a missed connection at the transfer point, as a result of:
      • The late arrival of Your incoming flight due to adverse weather conditions, Strike or Industrial Action or mechanical breakdown, derangement or accident;
  10. Personal Baggage
    • Your Personal Baggage is damaged, stolen, destroyed or lost (and not recovered).
    • Note: You must report the incident to the airline at time of loss.
  11. Baggage Delay
    • If Your Baggage have been lost or misplaced on the outward journey of a Trip for a period in excess of 12 hours, then You can claim for the purchase of essential items.
  12. Loss of cash and/or Passport
    • Money You are carrying on Your person or the money You have left in a safety deposit box is stolen, damaged or destroyed
    • Your passport is lost or stolen outside the country of departure during a Trip.
  13. Personal Liability
    • You become legally liable for accidental bodily injury to, or the death of any person, and/or accidental loss of or damage to their property.
  14. Personal Accident
    • Death or Permanent Disablement following an unexpected accident.