Qantas Ground All Flights

29 October 2011

Australia's Qantas Airways grounded its entire fleet on Saturday over a bitter labor dispute in an unprecedented move that the government said it would ask a labor tribunal to stop.

Qantas, in an announcement that clearly took the government by surprise, said it would lock out all employees from Monday night in a dispute that will leave thousands stranded on one of the country's biggest travel weekends.

Unions, from pilots to caterers, have taken strike action since September over pay and opposing Qantas plans to cut its soaring costs.

Can you claim from your travel insurance policy?

  • If you have purchased cover which includes Cancel for any Reason, you will be able to claim 50% of your ticket cost should you wish to cancel your trip.
  • If your flight is delayed in excess of 12 hours you will be able to claim under the Travel Delay benefit.
  • Please obtain a letter from the airline confirming that you have either been delayed (and the total number of hours), or that you have cancelled your flight, confirming the cancellation fees charged.